I first visited Maui in 1990.  Like many before me, I immediately fell I love with this slice of paradise.  I've returned almost every year since.

Maui is the second largest island in the Hawaiian Island chain.  It has a pleasant variety of environments in a relatively small area.  Dense rain forest border on pine forests lead to cattle filled slopes flowing down to pineapple and sugar filled fields adjacent to lava fields which lead to dessert grasslands and ultimately to some of the best beaches in the world. Beauty abounds.

During our visits over the years Stephany and I have had many good experiences which keep us returning to Maui year after year.  In 1993 we started a list of things to do (and avoid) On Maui for friends who were planning a trip.  By then we had figured out how to make the trip often without going broke so we added a few cost saving tips to the list.  That list has has grown a bit over the years and now it is online (with hyperlinks!).  If you are planning a vacation or just have a passing interest then you may find some of these Maui Tips useful.

Stephany and I are also scuba divers.   Maui has some great shore dives with fairly easy access.  If you dive and are so inclined then make sure that you rent some gear and check-out some of the operators on my Maui Diving Page.

If you are surfing for general info on Maui then the best place to start is The Maui Net.   This site has links to most of the larger island businesses, travel  info, online publications and local events.

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